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Jun 2016
Mike Murray
Jun 11 2016 00:23
@spencern the files are merely loaded and then compiles with . Which is pretty much like you do your blaze templates.
Spencer Norman
Jun 11 2016 00:24
how would I go about creating a helper for them? (gonna go check the SSR docs now too, so feel free to just tell me to RTFM)
reading the manual
Himanshu Aggarwal
Jun 11 2016 03:14
Hi .i am able to configure Facebook and goolge login at localhost , redirect uri was localhost but when i deployed it on server/online then it is still redirecting url to localhost
so i m getting redirect mismatch uri error

i also tried to change the root url in setting.json but it is not helping
any idea where can i change redirect uri or how can i resolev it
error is : The redirect URI in the request, http://localhost:7070/_oauth/google?close, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client
Himanshu Aggarwal
Jun 11 2016 04:30

i performed below steps
  1. added Root url in setting/setting.json
  2. ./reaction reset
  3. added log defaultadmin.js to print process.env
    I see my configured URL in METEOR_SETTING.ROOT_URL but ROOT_URL is localhost
i have a question does RC over write METEOR_SETTING.ROOT_URL on ROOT_URL ?
i think it should but it is not doing
Valery Orloff
Jun 11 2016 12:59
i see genericPaymentForm in checkoutPayment template, what is the package? in the doc says: The reaction-paymentmethod package and documentation was created to try and make this process as easy as possible for developers new to Reaction ),
but in RC packages folder such package not found,
Do I need to add it?
Jun 11 2016 15:18
This is already added. please see packages file in .meteor dir in section # Reaction Payment Packages
This package is external.