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Jun 2016
Jun 14 2016 05:40 UTC
now how do I login into the admin panel
Jun 14 2016 05:50 UTC
once u start RC you will see it on server console. As per below Image from installation doc.
Himanshu Aggarwal
Jun 14 2016 13:22 UTC
i m trying to use bootstrap materialized theme
but fo rthat i need to run $.material.init()
if it is simple html then i will add it under script tag
but how to run it in reactioncommerce
Valery Orloff
Jun 14 2016 16:57 UTC
hi all)
after successfully"cart/submitPayment", and saving new order to database, i see in console:
Error invoking Method 'cart/submitPayment': Access Denied [403] Debug.js:41
how to catch a such mistake? please)