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Jun 2016
Eric Jonas
Jun 26 2016 01:49
i can’t find the default 2 shops that come with 0.13 version (master) as 0.14 version (development) is quite buggy. Anyone can share? thanks.
i like the way the whole thing is structured, but again it’s quite buggy :(
e.g. click on create content doesn’t show anything
Brent Hoover
Jun 26 2016 04:24
@ericmachine88 As I mentioned, there is no UI for managing shops. But if you look at the schema/db you should see multiple shops all the way through
re: difference between versions. To paraphrase Aaron’s words, if we had done a 1.0 this revision would be 2.0. A lot of the core code is fundamentally the same but almost no file is in the same place it was and we have fully transitioned to ES6 import/exports
that being said. we will be trying to provide an upgrade path for people who have already created packages, so obviously it’s your call which version makes the most sense to work with. As stated in the docs, the dev version is always a Work In Progress but I expect it to get significantly more stable over the next couple of weeks
I was just trying to give you a heads up so this transition would not be a surprise.
Eric Jonas
Jun 26 2016 07:11
@zenweasel i see :)
it seems meteor has some direction changes, will it affect you guys?
Brent Hoover
Jun 26 2016 07:12
those changes are why we are making the changes we are making
Meteor is moving away from Atmosphere and towards just NPM so we are doing the same
Also, adopting the more node-like ES6 modules
Eric Jonas
Jun 26 2016 12:18
i see
overall i like reaction concept
im looking fwd for next release, i plan to contribute in this project
hopefully it will be out really soon :)
i kinda wonder, upon 1st load .. reaction is a bit slow
Jun 26 2016 23:03
hey guys the website is down
Jeremy Shimko
Jun 26 2016 23:05
All set. Thanks