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Jun 2016
Valery Orloff
Jun 28 2016 10:49
i added custom payment method, with all renames, but in cart/checkout's point (5.) old generic name is displayed from i18n package, how can i add/change it to my custom?
Valery Orloff
Jun 28 2016 12:13
i found it in package's registry )
Valery Orloff
Jun 28 2016 13:57
If i created custom checkout package and change coreCartWorkflow to myCartWorkflow, what i missed?
Missing layout for myCoreLayout/myCoreWorkflow Cannot read property 'structure' of undefined ?
really need clone and remake core package??
and most other packages?
Brent Hoover
Jun 28 2016 23:47
@valorloff I’m not sure what you mean?