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Jul 2016
Jul 24 2016 13:37 UTC
I was looking at BeesKnees customization to fit the new plugin structure in v14, shouldn't client/templates/products/productsLanding.js import client/templates/products/productsLanding.html?
Dustin Hoffmann
Jul 24 2016 14:28 UTC
hey guys, just checking things out for a future project I am going to dev. Is anyone available to field a few product questions for me?
Jeremy Shimko
Jul 24 2016 15:39 UTC
@3Maestros You can do it that way, but the convention we recommend for the sake of organization is to use index.js files (either per folder or just the one for the entire client side). It’s a lot easer see what’s getting imported when it’s all in one place. Imports importing imports that import imports becomes a mess pretty quickly.
Templates index
Client index
Aaron Judd
Jul 24 2016 16:19 UTC
@dustintheweb sure, ask away here or DM me or @zenweasel..
Brent Hoover
Jul 24 2016 21:59 UTC
@3Maestros The 0.14-compatible version was on the development branch but now it’s merged into master. You should be able to just pull