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Aug 2016
Aug 15 2016 00:01
ok so this is not being driven using Registry but rest of the routes are corect?
Brent Hoover
Aug 15 2016 00:01
Aug 15 2016 00:01
got it, thanks !
Tobias Nentwig
Aug 15 2016 11:54
Did anyone configure a docker compose yml mounting a custom plugin directory with "volume" ?
Tobias Nentwig
Aug 15 2016 12:59
Or any suggestions on how to add custom plugins to official docker container?
atam Oğuzhan
Aug 15 2016 18:01
im not install reaction
reaction run errors
but i was install requitmens
please help me
Paul Grever
Aug 15 2016 21:14

We have extended a few of our collection’s schemas for our needs (ie gender, color, bundles etc). The issue (reactioncommerce/reaction#1296 ) is that many of the methods, escpecially in inventory check against a single schema. This then throws an Match Error.

What is the best interim approach? Should I switch the check to an extended schema? Or make the check more generic, type? I want to modify as little core code as to keep our versions in sync.

Thanks in advance for advice

Aug 15 2016 23:13
Hi All, we're working on implementing marketplace funcitonality with the latest version of Reaction. I want to achieve the marketplace functionality with one "store" where people can see products from all shops in one spot in addition to the particular store, and also where vendors can log in and manage their own inventory. Does anyone know how to go aobut this?