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Sep 2016
Sep 10 2016 00:57
@jshimko @aaronjudd #1363 occurs with fresh install in local too
Aaron Judd
Sep 10 2016 01:02
what OS are you on locally? I’ve never seen this myself on OS X using reaction init
Sep 10 2016 01:11
OS X, i did after reaction-cli, reaction init, meteor
I will try in windows and see
Sep 10 2016 01:56
it works in windows 10 after manual meteor npm install, but didn't encounter the blank screen issue as in #1363
Interestingly, when I came back to OS X, the reaction is working where it was showing blank screen issue as in heroku
Sep 10 2016 15:32
@owenhoskins Hello, how to disable the inventory plugin? Is the inventory plugin reaction package?
autoEnable: false ?
Jeremy Shimko
Sep 10 2016 16:01
Just curious, why do you need to disable it?
Sep 10 2016 20:10
reaction-social just don’t provide the linkedIn