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Oct 2016
Karim Ellaisy
Oct 02 2016 20:35
Hello !
Karim Ellaisy
Oct 02 2016 20:42
Is this video out of date?
Oct 02 2016 22:33
@zenweasel I have set the Index options to override template and layoutFooter . It shows the right template(homePage) instead of default but the default still appears below "mfooter".
Object {template: "homePage", layoutFooter: "mfooter"}
any clue?
Brent Hoover
Oct 02 2016 22:51
@Vikaton That video is from 2014. So it’s pretty out of date. We are working on some new Getting Started videos
@3Maestros So it’s showing mfooter and then the default footer?