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Nov 2016
Nov 04 2016 00:19
@zenweasel 'You could fork the CLI and create your own version of it that uses absolute paths' yes this is solution for my problem ++
Nov 04 2016 05:27
hi, everyone
please my customised image slider is not working in my template.
I guess maybe it's not seeing the script
but I place the script file in the public dir as usual
of which I think should be exposed to the project when it runs
but I can't really figure out what wrong right now
somebody help, thanks in advance.
Nov 04 2016 07:02
hi guys, is reaction support AWS S3 for image storage ?
Nov 04 2016 08:09
hey guys i'm having problem with fsevents,
Nov 04 2016 17:04
Hello! Can someone tell me can I have multiple reaction installations on ubuntu? I already use reverse-proxy for http requests from different domains
Brent Hoover
Nov 04 2016 22:40
You can just run each install in a separate directory and just run them on a separate port by specifying the —port parameter
Nov 04 2016 23:18
@zenweasel Hi again. I am interested in the question of what development tools you use for product development? When I do mutations both on the client side or the server that the build process takes about 30-55 seconds. It is too long. How to solve this question you? How do you optimize the project build times during development.
reaction dev tools not support hot-reload on the client side
at the slightest change in the client code I have to wait 30-55 seconds.
Brent Hoover
Nov 04 2016 23:22
@dshitik Don’t know what you mean by “reaction dev tools”. This is just Meteor. For myself, I don’t see that long of load/reload times on the client-side, more like 15-20 seconds
Nov 04 2016 23:30
Ок. But it is strange that you did not originally began use webpack on your project. Development time reduced several times. Build timebuild time would 1-5 seconds I didnt understand your technology selection.
you can spend less time on development
Brent Hoover
Nov 04 2016 23:31
Yes, I have got that you feel that we should be using Webpack.
But Meteor is a web development framework, not just a build tool
Yes, we don’t like that build times are so long. MDG is working on the problem. But switching to webpack would require a re-engineering process that does not make sense at this time.
There is a bigger picture here with the move to React and GraphQL
Nov 04 2016 23:41
It's a shame. Yes the structure of the application does not use predisposes webpack. I tried to integrate your product with webpack, but so far I have failed.
It is good that you go to REACT and GraphQl. I see you right now move to react. And when you start to move on GraphQl?
@zenweasel And I would like to say that aldeed: autoform negative impact on the transition between pages. I think the use aldeed: autoform is not an optimal solution with a large number of forms.
Many people think the same as me.
Brent Hoover
Nov 04 2016 23:50
Nov 04 2016 23:54
thanks. In any case, you fellows. You try to use advanced technologies.
Brent Hoover
Nov 04 2016 23:55
We try to balance new technologies with reliability and predictability
and ease of development
Not everybody who wants to build an eCommerce site is a hotshot like you :)
Nov 04 2016 23:56