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Dec 2016
Aaron Judd
Dec 05 2016 14:28
@lcampanis I’ve been looking at those methods that we’re repeating on each package load (there’s a couple that are starting to have a pattern) isPackageEnabled and addRolesToVisitors would be good to introduce
Lorenzo Campanis
Dec 05 2016 14:30
Hey @aaronjudd No problem, they're ready. I'll push tonight an update on the marketplace with those two helper functions included
Aaron Judd
Dec 05 2016 14:36
@lcampanis :+1:
James Scaggs
Dec 05 2016 15:01
Hello guys, i'm unable to start reaction and getting this error

`If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:

meteor npm install --save @reactioncommerce`

this error just started recently

Unable to resolve some modules:


Dec 05 2016 15:04
Hi. There is a basic product with options as well as price range. Good. But when I change the price of the product with the type:Variant, database field change only with the type of product:Variant, and the field price.radius price.min price.max - does not change. And when i create new simple product with variants, all of these fields are not created, and this not good.
Dec 05 2016 15:11
I understand the price range must be formed on the basis of prices in variants products. But its not work.
Dec 05 2016 16:53
--- ... and the field price.radius price.min price.max ... ---
So tell me please do you see this problem?
Sophie He
Dec 05 2016 18:34
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Spencer Norman
Dec 05 2016 18:34
Discounts! :clap:
Dec 05 2016 19:10
Please show me where field price.range(type:String in Products collection) is generated? How function is doing it.