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Dec 2016
Michael Duane Mooring
Dec 22 2016 01:14
Anybody happen to know which method to call to select a variant? I'm going to call it on my select: {{> select onSelect=selectVariant}}
I found selectedVariant() but nothing that sets it yet it seems. I see that variantList.html has the {{selectedVariant}} class on it's button that does the selecting. Would adding the same class to the select options do the trick maybe?
Brent Hoover
Dec 22 2016 01:42
I am pretty sure it’s in ReactionProduct
Michael Duane Mooring
Dec 22 2016 01:48
Dec 22 2016 10:09

Hello again guys.

In client/modules/router/main.js there is a loop that iterates over all the registries and creates routes. Do I have any possibility to get params and queryParams inside that loop, if they exist for that routes?

Dec 22 2016 11:55
HI, I bought html template form themeforest. I want change default reaction's store theme. what should I do. Do you have example tutorial?
Dec 22 2016 20:25
hi, just wondering whats the process for merging development into master? i would love to get the new discount code into our codebase but development has many conflicts with master. am i right to assume that the release is "stable" when it enters master branch?