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Feb 2017
Feb 02 2017 14:16
Has anyone encountered a 500 internal server error with AuthNet when live? Here are the image logs. Sandbox credentials for AuthNet and the cc 4242...4242 work but not an actual cc and true AuthNet key and api
Aaron Judd
Feb 02 2017 17:27
@themalis haven’t seen that, but we’ve forked the underlying authnet npm package, so we can take a look at it. first glance, I’m thinking an error wasnt captured (where [0]) should have been the results
Sophie He
Feb 02 2017 17:48
Reaction Action is going live in 15 minutes! @aaronjudd, @zenweasel, and @jshimko will be previewing v0.19.0, discussing our 2017 roadmap, and answering your questions. Tune in here:
Feb 02 2017 17:48
Aaron Judd
Feb 02 2017 19:03
Thanks all.. replay available at
Lorenzo Campanis
Feb 02 2017 19:07
Thank you guys!
Aaron Judd
Feb 02 2017 19:11
Feb 02 2017 22:53
thank you so much