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Feb 2017
Michael Duane Mooring
Feb 11 2017 08:21 UTC

Hey Gang, just updated meteor to and rc cli to 0.6.18 and RC to v0.18.1 and am getting this when I tried to edit any variant details:

Exception while invoking method 'products/updateProductField' ReferenceError: slugify is not defined
    at getSlug (lib/api/helpers.js:70:23)

It does say this: aldeed:schema-index 1.1.1 (2.0.0 is available), are we able to upgrade schema-index to 2.0.0 ?

Feb 11 2017 13:58 UTC

Hello everyone. I am trying to grasp reactioncommerce way of handling different layouts based on route.
Looking at beesknees example. How would I use different layout for "About Us" page?

registry: [{
  route: "/about",
  name: "about",
  template: "aboutUs",
  workflow: "coreWorkflow"

Currently, based on beesknees example this route will render "aboutUs" template inside "coreLayoutBeesknees" layout. How can I use different layout only for this route?