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Feb 2017
Aaron Judd
Feb 23 2017 05:28
you should create an issue with steps to replicate so we can reproduce for the upcoming performance review. this is likely related to inventory and media subscriptions when you are logged in as admin. (for which there are existing issues)
Feb 23 2017 08:17
how to override urls for all the product pages and admin dashboards? adding registry for default productsLanding page works but breaks all the dashboard and product details page.
Feb 23 2017 08:32
just trying to remove /reaction/tag/shop, /reaction/product with custom urls
Feb 23 2017 13:56
I'm having trouble starting my rc container when specifying an external MONGO_URL. The container logs the errorMongoError: failed to connect to server [serverIP:27017] on first connect. I know MongoDB is running on the Ubuntu 16.04 droplet from systemctl status as well as being able to use the shell.
Feb 23 2017 15:13
I created a new docker instance and connected it to the same external mongo with a new DB name. Seems to run much better now. It maybe that deleting things directly on the database caused some issues. Is there any type of paging setup in the dashboard? I could not find anything to limit number of products exposed on the loading page? I feel that even if it is running better, it may not be able to handle loading 600000 products in a timely fashion. Also this may be increased to 2.5 million in the not too distant future. Of course Products would be of separate types or categories. The following is the code for loading the new test products: for(var i = 1; i<= 500; i++) { product = {_id: 'Product' + i, title: 'Product ' + i, type: 'simple', shopId: 'J8Bhq3uTtdgwZx3rz', handle: 'Product' + i, isVisible: true};'products/createProduct', product);}; I tried to load by just putting json in the private/data file, but the ProductSearch collection did not update.
Aaron Judd
Feb 23 2017 19:07
@bnordvik there is a infinite scroll pagination that’s going on.. and it’s limiting the results of products, but the inventory/media subscriptions are grabbbing everything, - we’re going to be implementing some performance updates for this, basically moving media to loading from urls/cdn when available, and getting rid of the inventory publication for admins… we proably need to add order pagination