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Feb 2017
Victor Klyuev
Feb 27 2017 05:06
Hi, is it possible to extend layout structure schema?
Brent Hoover
Feb 27 2017 05:21
Yes. You should be able to extend it like you would any other schema.
Feb 27 2017 19:10
@zenweasel - when using example plugin, the custom layout, header, footer works in all the pages. But for product pages, the custom layout is getting applied but the custom header and footer not used even in setting the layoutHeader and layoutFooter in register.js. The core layout header and footer is getting used. Any idea?
I mean I added custom header and footer in example plugin and changed layoutHeader and layoutFooter in register.js to use the custom.
Feb 27 2017 19:19

In followed the doc ( to customize header and footer but works only for custom index pages but not for existing product pages.

Also note that we have other parts that we could substitute without changing our layout. For example we change point our header or footer to a custom template by changing the values for “layoutHeader” or “layoutFooter”.

Feb 27 2017 19:21
@zenweasel is there any optimization activity going on on mobile web? it's terribly slow on mobile web now
Feb 27 2017 20:35
I'm reading the documentation, it says to enforce SSL on a fresh installation. I must export the ROOT_URL from your env... i changed it to "https://localhost" , did i do this wrong?
Jeremy Shimko
Feb 27 2017 21:14
@amp9020 do you have an SSL certificate set up already?
and no, https://localhost is not something that will ever work. SSL certificates are tied to domain names and localhost is not a valid domain name.
Feb 27 2017 21:31
@jshimko sorry let me explain, i have a nginx server proxy'ing port 3000 (server 1) . the reaction server (server 2) is running on a separate server on http://localhost:3000. so there is a valid cert and setup on the server 1, and works on any simple node app. here i get bad gateway. i suppose this is a question for people who are using nginix with reaction.
Spencer Norman
Feb 27 2017 21:35
your ROOT_URL should be the domain that your cert is on
Feb 27 2017 21:52
@spencern thanks for the clarification.
Brent Hoover
Feb 27 2017 22:23
@vigyano After making the changes did you run reaction reset?