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Mar 2017
Spencer Norman
Mar 11 2017 03:00
@ivanthemeh how did you deploy it?
Mar 11 2017 03:02
@spencern galaxy, I think its dong it automatically.
Spencer Norman
Mar 11 2017 03:05
I think you’d be running in production mode then
you can also check your sources tab in chrome dev tools
Screenshot 2017-03-10 20.08.35.png
if you see a single js file like this, then your app has minified everything correctly
Patrick Artounian
Mar 11 2017 05:22
To use plugins with docker and reaction, would I need to create a customer layer/container or a volume?
Patrick Artounian
Mar 11 2017 05:33
CPU usage is so high is actually is unusable for me :(
Mar 11 2017 09:04
@mateomorrison command is docker exec -it containerName mongo reaction
Spencer Norman
Mar 11 2017 17:13
@partounian I had success reducing cpu usage 20x by changing Meteor version to METEOR@
Himad Mouhtar
Mar 11 2017 18:19
Hi! Can someone please help me with an issue?
I can not start reaction
It freezes at style import
When I use the script reaction run
Mar 11 2017 20:17
@hmouhtar try the command reaction
Himad Mouhtar
Mar 11 2017 20:59
@delan_hype_twitter Im using it! when I type "reaction" on the command line, it just freezes at style import
Mar 11 2017 21:30
@hmouhtar When it is first time including fresh meteor and reaction install you may face considerable delay. It also depends on connection speed you have. Just to be sure and get more info can u type meteor in reaction directory and report what is going on there.
Mateo Morrison
Mar 11 2017 23:34
Anyone from GetOutfitted? This theme is working with reaction commerce?
Sorry, I just read it's for reaction!
Installing it will be just copying to Install this theme in imports/plugins/custom/ to activate it