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Mar 2017
Michael Duane Mooring
Mar 18 2017 01:19
So is tag v0.20.0 the new stable or 0.19.1 ?
Brent Hoover
Mar 18 2017 01:21
shortly to be v1.0.0
Michael Duane Mooring
Mar 18 2017 01:23
I see, I can wait! No rush :D
Mar 18 2017 04:10
@aaronjudd - To reproduce, if you use the reaction-example-plugin specifically Products.js you can reproduce the issue. But Products.json has been updated yesterday and that is not creating showing "sold out" issue. Not sure what has changed?
You see the Onesie product has "sold out" tag by default.
@zenweasel - Is there anything specific changes you made in Products.json to fix that issue last commit?
Loan Laux
Mar 18 2017 10:24
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.24.16.png
Getting a 404 for some reason I can't get to figure out. Any way of seeing the reason behind this kind of errors in the console? Setting logging level to TRACE doesn't help
(I'm currently building a theme and suspect this has to do with my registry entries, but I couldn't find the mistake yet)
Mar 18 2017 18:54
anyone available for some help?
getting BlazeLayout warning: unknown template "notFound"
Mar 18 2017 21:13
Anyone available?
@all anyone available need some quick help please?