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Apr 2017
S Tunji Turner
Apr 02 2017 00:59
Product Creation of a TSHIRT red and blue colors and s, m, l , xl size for each color how to create?
The version 1.O I am using
Apr 02 2017 02:41
Hi, do you have any idea how I could integrate reactioncommerce into a pre-existing reactjs web app. I just want to use the basics of reactioncommerce with my own header and footer on a custom page dedicated to an Ecommerce store that I could display publicly?
Apr 02 2017 05:09
i'm seeing this error somewhat frequently in my dev env reactioncommerce/reaction#1590
good to hear it doesn't happen in prod, but it's pretty annoying. Is there anything helpful I can do to gather more info?
Apr 02 2017 07:58
How can I disable the language dropdown in the header? My product descriptions aren't going to be available in more than 1 language, so it doesn't make sense for me to have it there
Apr 02 2017 07:59
Go to dashboard and select only 1 language.
under localization and settings
Apr 02 2017 17:21
Is there any way to edit the REACTION_URL after deployment or hell no?