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Apr 2017
Milen Radkov
Apr 08 2017 05:13 UTC
Hello. What are the minimum server requirements to run reaction commerce smoothly ?
Ye Yint Ko Ko
Apr 08 2017 09:01 UTC
I am testing reaction and blocking in creating billing address. It always keep on saying " Failed to add address: [The data you sent was not accepted as valid] ".
Carlos Olivera Terrazas
Apr 08 2017 14:16 UTC
@mradkov as an example, I mounted demo sites in the minimal DigitalOcean droplet: 2GB single core, 64bits, runs smoothly, but, with no real traffic, and few products. In my production server, AMD Dual Core 64bits (amazon m4 medium), with 50 concurrent users reach 50% of CPU peak.
George Cook
Apr 08 2017 18:35 UTC
I have installed the test plugin - seems to work great. How do I add in a tag for the about us page? Whenever I add a tag via the menu bar it adds/tag - but the about us page is visited though reaction/about
Also, how do I change the shop name?