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Apr 2017
Apr 16 2017 13:55
when I run reaction it runs with http://localhost:3000. Could I run my dev environment over https instead?
Janus Reith
Apr 16 2017 18:31

I have weird issues when I try to follow the Custom Plugin tutorial/clone it from the repo, or the hydrotik pplugin example:

The layout is completely different when I'm logged in or viewing it as guest. For example the blue beesknees debug div is only shown for guests.
Tried to reset reaction, empty browser cache, etc.
Did anything change in reaction since these docs were written?

Another thing: Im not happy that I have to place my fixtures in /private/data - Instead I would prefer to keep it all integrated in the plugin. Is there some easy code to achieve the same thing?
Janus Reith
Apr 16 2017 18:48
Okay got it, appareantly it is because of the {{#if hasDashboardAccess}} parts - Still dont get why they were used
Rakesh Kumar Singitham
Apr 16 2017 19:39
Hi, I am trying to configure a static route for aboutus page adding the following entry in registry:
route: "/about",
name: "about",
template: "aboutUs",
workflow: "coreWorkflow"
Though the template is available the template value is coming as "notFound"..I am not sure if I am missing anything ?
Janus Reith
Apr 16 2017 22:03
@rakeshkumar5b4 did you also import the corresponding html file?
George Cook
Apr 16 2017 22:34
Hey guys - when I'm adding the the test plugin the search icon in the navbar seems to be disappearing. It looks like the <i> is not being added for some reason. Anyone experienced this?
George Cook
Apr 16 2017 22:43
It also occurs in the admin panel - and for the close button in the search screen.
Brent Hoover
Apr 16 2017 22:52
@rakeshkumar5b4 If you using the stock data files you will want to go to /reaction/about