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Apr 2017
Apr 19 2017 10:39
HELLO does anyone know if reaction has a plugin for the UPS shipping API ?
or DPD ?
Seun Martins
Apr 19 2017 10:48

Hi @niceSpriteSW_twitter, as far as I know, there’s no UPS plugin that is shipped with Reaction….. but there is a Shippo plugin (which supports many carriers like UPS and others). You can check that if you haven't? Does it meet your needs?

Apr 19 2017 11:06
@impactmass Hi thanks!! those shipping options should cover us for a while.
Seun Martins
Apr 19 2017 11:09
Apr 19 2017 11:34
So I got Reaction running on my laptop, but it looks like I am running a clone of the reaction repo ? Is there a way to start a new project and add the reaction repo as a dependency or something like that, so that I am not actually editing their code just extending it ?
Brent Hoover
Apr 19 2017 11:35
You would want to add a plugin to Reaction
Apr 19 2017 11:36
so im adding my own code as a dependency and then editing their code to add it in ?
Brent Hoover
Apr 19 2017 11:39
If you add a plugin to /import/plugins/custom it should automatically get picked up by Reaction and act as if it was part of the app itself
Apr 19 2017 14:44
Hi, new to Reaction and trying to deploy to Deis Workflow using the official docker image. Problem is I'm getting this Error: Meteor.userId can only be invoked in method calls. Use this.userId in publish functions. Has anyone encountered this problem before and know how to get it to work? Cheers
Janus Reith
Apr 19 2017 15:02
@zenweasel thanks for the feedback. As nobody answered this so far, could you give me a hint, how I can display my Footer on the Productpage?
Some things were self-explanatory after some time, like the separate Admin CoreLayout, but I'm still stuck trying to find the appropiate place to edit this layout.
I made a plugin based on product-detail-simple for another pdp template, but could't find it there
Boy Persoon
Apr 19 2017 17:39
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me!? I just added a new plugin with my custom template ( with an hello world paragraph) as core.html within layouts/templates. It seems that when I load my app all the correct index.js + defaults.js files are loaded. But the page displays "page not found". when console.log Session.get (INDEX_OPTIONS and DEFAULT_LAYOUT )they both show the coreLayoutBeesknees which is the name of the template. I would appreciate any help!
Boy Persoon
Apr 19 2017 18:20
If I add a template with the same name in the main client folder its says duplicate templates suggesting that the one in the plugin does in fact load. In addition the body gets class app-index default. I really have no idea why it is not working...
Apr 19 2017 18:50
Hi, just wondering if there is a way to clone reaction from github directly to aws ec2?
Alexander Ditzend
Apr 19 2017 20:07
Hi Boy Persoon, if the template is being loaded you might have to check the routing object al your register.js and then do a reaction reset -n to reset the db.
Hi daredevilDarmos I have explored that option, look for the articles about running meteor on EC2 and you can then just use mup to upload it. I hace to warn you this is difficult stuff.
Aaron Judd
Apr 19 2017 20:44
@finseth that would not be related to Deis, Docker or containers (as we use all of that in our deployments).. custom code? do you see this / replicate this locally?