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Apr 2017
Apr 22 2017 02:46
School Me - Step By Step
Thank you ! ;)
How do I get started with Reaction Commerce
Brent Hoover
Apr 22 2017 02:48
To get started you can just install it by following the instuctions in the README
And then get started by creating a plugin by following this:
Apr 22 2017 04:02
Hi I just tried deploying docker with digital ocean and lets encrypt and I get an error "docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint competent_jones (0922aa3e491d97b6ad4dfc8d4bcc863acb0a569665cc1ac112fa3434fd36f343): Bind for failed: port is already allocated."
My tcp port 80 on my computer as well as my server are open I have checked with network utility.
Apr 22 2017 05:51
Hey! Since I only ship locally, I wanted to remove everything to do with country/region selection. I'm trying to do it according to the docs, but they're not very helpful to be honest on this part. What am I doing wrong?
import * as Schemas from "/lib/collections/schemas";
import { Cart, Order } from "/lib/collecrtions";

// Delete irrelevant address options

delete Schemas.Address.address2;
delete Schemas.Address.region;
delete Schemas.Address.isCommercial;

// Reassign Address object

Schemas.Shipment.address.type = [AddressSchema];
Schemas.Cart.shipping.type = [ShipmentSchema];

// Reattach schemas

Cart.attachSchemas(Schemas.Cart, {replace: true});
Order.attachSchemas([Schemas.Cart, Schemas.Order, Schemas.OrderItem]);
Whoops, already found a problem, but still I doubt it'll work, something seems missing at the core...
Retrying though.
With fixing these lines:
Schemas.Shipment.address.type = [Schemas.Address];
Schemas.Cart.shipping.type = [Schemas.Shipment];
Apr 22 2017 08:49
Also, in the Deploying->Docker docs, there's a line there stating "If you don’t have a customized version of Reaction Commerce..." - but what if I DO have a customized version? Well, not customized but plugins etc? I'm sure I could figure it out, but I'm also sure a few helpful lines here on how to deploy your own plugins would be easier and not too much on the doc page.
Apr 22 2017 10:24
Hello! In payment-methods plugins missed a method «ready cash». i want to implementation it, but i dont know how. Can anybody help me?
Alexander Ditzend
Apr 22 2017 14:03
@MetaRabbit go to the tutorial first.
Apr 22 2017 18:19
@Stat1c14 building the docker image will fail with errors if you don't have enough RAM on your build machine. I needed more than 2GB to do a build successfully
Apr 22 2017 19:28
Someone knows if marketplace branch runs? And what is "official" branch/git link for this?
Apr 22 2017 21:25
what would be the proper way to add a menu to the header that links to other parts of a site I'm building. Similar to how the About Us is added in the plugin tutorial, except I want to integrate it into the existing header, not replace to whole template.