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Apr 2017
Apr 29 2017 03:26
might just be me, but I keep finding myself looking for the navbar on the checkout page and also feel like you need to be able to modify your cart on the checkout page.
Brent Hoover
Apr 29 2017 04:10
it’s a well studied phenomenon that having the navbar, or any other distraction on the checkout page lowers conversions significantly
If you look at sites like Amazon you will see the same thing
Apr 29 2017 09:06
After deploying the Reactioncommerce to Heroku Application is crashing with error code H10. What could be possible reasons?
Apr 29 2017 14:59
Hi, new to this platform. is there any price attached to reaction commerce platform?
Brent Hoover
Apr 29 2017 15:00
Apr 29 2017 16:11
is it possible to add subscription based product categories and cash on delivery modes with current version?
is there a custom plugin way to achieve this?