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May 2017
Aaron Judd
May 04 2017 01:10
that’s an excellent suggestion…. however, it looks like we’re having an issue with the docs today. if routes aren’t loading.. you’re experiencing a redoc bug..
May 04 2017 07:50
how to manually set the product to "sold out" . I tried to set the quantity to "0" but that field is required to set to 1 or above.
Brent Hoover
May 04 2017 07:51
what if you set it to -1?
May 04 2017 07:55
hmm, didn't try that. I will give a try
yeah, -1 works but its kind of not intuitive. Is there any reason the quantity cannot be 0?
May 04 2017 08:01
thanks for the workaround for now it ok.
May 04 2017 13:50
Hey does anyone know where uploaded images are stored by default on a reaction commerce server ? Are they in Mongo DB or in the fle system ?
May 04 2017 14:02
@niceSpriteSW_twitter it is in MongoDB
May 04 2017 14:04
@hrath2015 thanks!
Loan Laux
May 04 2017 16:53

Hey guys! I exported my Products collection to /private/data/Products.json and now I'm getting this error on startup:

WARN Reaction: Error while importing to Products: After applying the update to the document {_id: "4ei6mcXnBRAYy2n48" , ...}, the (immutable) field '_id' was found to have been altered to _id: "J2RFf59kHCPwW844B"

Has any of you already experienced this? What does it mean? J2R[...] is a variant and 4ei[...] is its ancestor
As a result, the J2R variant doesn't show up on my shop
Janus Reith
May 04 2017 18:55
@loanlaux same issue