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May 2017
Phuong Pham
May 10 2017 13:12 UTC
Hello, I try to change the base currency to Vietnam Dong (VND) but cannot find it through the dashboard. Could you please help adding the VND currency for those customers in Vietnam?
Brent Hoover
May 10 2017 14:17 UTC
Do you have it enabled in the “Localization” panel in the dashboard?
Phuong Pham
May 10 2017 15:00 UTC
I do see all other currencies in the "Localization" panel in the dashboard but not Vietnam Dong (VND); even though it supports vietnamese as a language...
Erik Kieckhafer
May 10 2017 19:54 UTC
Hi @fuo we don’t currently have the Vietnam Dong as a supported currency. If you’d like to add it, it’s a simple addition, we’d love a PR. Examples for adding currency are here:
May 10 2017 20:34 UTC
@zenweasel Are you going to be working on adding the subscriptions soon
Brent Hoover
May 10 2017 22:39 UTC
@invergo It’s not on our short term road map right now. It is something we are planning on adding though, but I can’t give you a timeline