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May 2017
Emem Umoh
May 20 2017 00:18
@kieckhafer finally got it to work! I change installed location from C:\Program Files (x86)\ to a location without space in the path e.g d:\installed\
You see this: C:\Program Files (x86)\ has space in between while this: D:\installed\ does not!
That solves the problem!
Emem Umoh
May 20 2017 00:31
It is a meteor issue, not ReactionCommerce.
Erik Kieckhafer
May 20 2017 01:13
Great to hear, glad you got it working!
May 20 2017 09:30
Hi there!
Trying to deploy reactioncommerce to my own server. Just installed Docker. Well, just can't see what shall i do futher? I guess, i need meteor installed and also MongoDB?
May 20 2017 11:49
Well, seems i've pulled docker. So for how should i start it? Get 521 - Web server is down
May 20 2017 21:48
@mmice Here is a guide to deploy reactioncommerce with digital ocean/aws, docker, and lets encrypt ssl. This should go in deployment so ask questions in deployment chat room in the future to keep organized