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May 2017
May 25 2017 02:10
I am still having a lot of trouble getting my homepage to load my customHomePage layout it doesn't seem to be loading correctly. I also can't use any material ui components as well so I am not sure what could be wrong with material. Anyway you could take a look at my repo to see what I am possibly doing wrong? Thank you so much I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time now.
Mike Murray
May 25 2017 05:24
Rohan Sharma
May 25 2017 10:14
anybody there ?
Rohan Sharma
May 25 2017 11:36
i need any seller to be able to sell their item
May 25 2017 11:38
please check the marketplace branch
I noticed you are posted your queries in marketplace channel
Rohan Sharma
May 25 2017 14:04
yes i already pull marketplace branch code
please check this link
how can any seller add your product and sell our product
May 25 2017 14:24
This is still WIP. I am not very much familiar with this functionality. sorry about that. Please post your queries in marketplace channel. thanks
that might help… and there’s also a marketplace specific gitter channel here … .there are some questions there that might answer some that you have
May 25 2017 14:28
wow thanks @impactmass will keep this link for future reference
Seun Martins
May 25 2017 14:29