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May 2017
May 28 2017 15:43 UTC
I'm having trouble setting up.
Jeremy Shimko
May 28 2017 16:44 UTC
@yeahisgood if you’re having an issue, I recommend being more specific about what it is. If someone here knows how to help with it, they’ll usually speak up. But if you just say “I have a problem”, you are not likely to get a response from anyone.
May 28 2017 18:19 UTC
let element;
if (getComponent(template)) {
  element = React.createElement(getComponent(template));

return (
<div className={pageClassName} id="reactionAppContainer">
 { Template[layoutHeader] &&
   <Blaze template={layoutHeader} className="reaction-navigation-header" />

 <Blaze template="cartDrawer" className="reaction-cart-drawer" />

 { Template[template] &&
     <div className="rui materialtheme">

     <Blaze template={template} />

@curranabell please see the code above to fix the indexpage. implement it in core.js.
see the pic I was able to render the index page. Hope this is what u wanted.