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Jun 2017
Tian Chao
Jun 01 2017 03:26
how to set and change price for products?
anyone knows about it?
Tian Chao
Jun 01 2017 03:35
also, after editing a product, when I want to publish it, there is always a popup saying there is no change to publish...
Jun 01 2017 03:40
can u share more details or steps. May be an issue with details would be great
Spencer Norman
Jun 01 2017 03:42
@diyinhaitang my guess is that you’ve not set one of the labels or titles for a variant or option. The error messages for this can be a little misleading at times in this case and we’re aware of the UX issue here.
Tian Chao
Jun 01 2017 03:53
@spencern You are correct! There are some missing fields that I need to fill in before the product can be published..
Spencer Norman
Jun 01 2017 03:54
Tian Chao
Jun 01 2017 04:18
But I have to say reaction commerce still has a long way to go before becoming mature...
Jun 01 2017 06:51
I created custom product details template in addition to SimpleLayout and TwoColumnLayout. Currently I am able to change the template in dropdown in UI. How to set that as default for all the new products?
Jun 01 2017 12:36
Hello Guys, I played a bit with the last master & dev versions , and it seems that some methods of Router don't work anymore.
Is that because React-Router implementation is still in development?
For example hitting in the console ReactionRouter.getRouteName() returns an empty string no matter in which page/route I 'm in.
(for @mikemurray @spencern etc)
Jun 01 2017 14:17
someone know when will be the next release?

Content Management
Create and edit merchandisable content and create content pages.

Multi-Tenant Marketplace
Create multiple shops in a shared multi-tenant marketplace.

Spencer Norman
Jun 01 2017 15:33
@prosf this is definitely more of a @mikemurray question, but my understanding was that he re-implemented a lot of the existing router methods. It’s possible that there may be some new ways of doing some things (like getRouteName perhaps)
Jun 01 2017 18:41
Hi just wanted to let you all know the react router does not work with react components for a custom homepage by default. Figured out that was why my customHomePage was not registering. I am working on integrating react components into a blaze template to work around with this though. It would be really great to be able to use react components on the homepage though so it won't need to be rebuilt once you have converted everything into react. Just thought I'd let you all know. Thank you! @mikemurray
Mike Murray
Jun 01 2017 20:32
@prosf can you try Router.current()(in code if you imported it) or ReactionRouter.current() should give you an object with the route name.