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Jun 2017
Jun 16 2017 07:01
email problem
Jun 16 2017 08:21
@tanu555 what is the problem?
Jun 16 2017 15:19
I plan to erase all data and then re-insert a large amount of data using DDP or GraphQL, perhaps more than 100,000 each day.
My first question is if so many products would not create a problem when loading all this information for customers. I only tested with 4 products. I have not seen any option to limit the number of products to display on the page. Would they all show up?
The second question would be about the products to be disposed (archived) ... but they remain in the system ... would not this large quantity of products be a problem with the passage of time?
Jun 16 2017 15:41
@ereyes97 the product pages load the products in batches when it is scrolled it loads more. It look like batches of 24 but i could be wrong
Jun 16 2017 15:50
in client>config>defaults.js you can set the default load quantity ITEMS_INCREMENT
Jun 16 2017 15:52
@JungleCatSW Thanks Sean +1:
Daniel Honig
Jun 16 2017 18:20
In this example
I am struggling to understand why filters are not passed in as mongo selectors and instead left to client co de?
it would seem that a filter structure could be assembled and passed as opposed to the code that seems to be filtering on the client
Aaron Judd
Jun 16 2017 20:51
@dhonig @zenweasel @kieckhafer worked on this, so I’m not 100% but I’m going to say that the ProductSearch subscription is taking the filter structure, that this bit is for the client sorting without needing to change the pub/sub results (?)
But.. I guess maybe your point was.. why not let minimongo sort / filter on the client..
Daniel Honig
Jun 16 2017 20:53
Ok. Trying to understand the entire search architecture
Short term for filtering
Long term to figure best way to flip it over to for large stores and marketplaces