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Jun 2017
Erik Kieckhafer
Jun 21 2017 05:17
@acreilly can you point us to your code? it seems like you might not be importing your override component correctly and it can’t be read
@vivekmore89 a COD package is not on our roadmap, but there is a legacy package out there built by a community member. It would need to be updated, but it could be a good start to get something going for you:
here’s a guide to getting started converting the package to a plugin:
hi @davidvm2 , we use Discourse for our forums, it’s possible their system wasn’t working. Have you tried again?
Jun 21 2017 05:24
Brent Hoover
Jun 21 2017 05:35
Jun 21 2017 16:06
Hello,I have finished "npm install -g reaction-cli",but when "reaction init",show me command not found!
anybody know the reason??
Jun 21 2017 18:30
@ottomMT are u on windows?