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Jun 2017
S Tunji Turner
Jun 29 2017 01:16
@curranabell can the theme be dropped into /imports/plugins/custom/ folder as is
Jun 29 2017 02:05
Yup @stunjiturner
No problem @bebob1 took me a while to wrap my head around everything out when I was starting with reaction. Wish I had an example theme like that when I started haha
Brent Hoover
Jun 29 2017 02:08
We are working on expanding the API so that you should be able to programmatically replace any component by registering your custom component and overriding the default one.
it should hopefully make doing stuff like this easier and more intuitive
Jun 29 2017 02:28
That's awesome @zenweasel I can't wait until you get this feature rolled out. This is the key to making reaction developer friendly. Thanks for thinking about us!!
Brent Hoover
Jun 29 2017 02:29
it’s been a long road to go, as it didn’t make sense till large parts of the app were converted to React, which is very time-consuming and still ongoing
Jun 29 2017 04:27
It silently exits if I run: docker run -d \
-p 4000:3000 \
-e ROOT_URL="http://localhost:4000" \
-e REACTION_USER="admin-username" \
-e REACTION_AUTH="admin-password" \
Does it not run it's embedded mongo server anymore?
Jun 29 2017 10:25
Exporting product collection, exports data without media. How to export products with their corresponding media.
Jun 29 2017 11:02
Exporting product collection, exports data without media. How to export products with their corresponding media.
Can anybody help?
Burak Sonmez
Jun 29 2017 11:41
Hey I'd like to but I dont know the answer, Also I have a question too, if anybody can help. If I give authorize to add product an user , the user also able to change others too. I try to build a platform like ebay users add their own items. Any suggestion ?thank you
S Tunji Turner
Jun 29 2017 13:30
@curranabell the theme imports eevrything well, form looking at the developer tools just does not display anything on screen log files shows the theme layout loaded
13:28:20.947Z INFO Reaction: ::: Modifying checkout workflow
13:28:20.971Z INFO Reaction: ::: Adding about route permissions to default roles
13:28:21.158Z INFO Reaction: ::: changing all layouts to coreLayoutMaterialTheme
i am getting one error Error: Cannot find module 'meteor/ultimatejs:tracker-react'
Jun 29 2017 13:52
i have a nom problem when i use polipo&shadowsocksX, ping timeout ,but the browser is ok
anybody could help me? i try to solve it for ONE DAY...
as a result, i could not $reaction...
sorry once again,nom=npm
Brent Hoover
Jun 29 2017 14:16
@stunjiturner You jusst need to meteor add ultimatejs:tracker-react
S Tunji Turner
Jun 29 2017 14:46
@zenweasel idid thanks.
@zenweasel what’s the reaction/client/themes folder for?