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Jul 2017
Jul 09 2017 09:06
@zenweasel - Can you please tell me the image property of product , I cannot find it in database? thanks!
Jul 09 2017 09:10
@rabas007 Please add an image first then u will see the collection populated
Jul 09 2017 09:14
ah, thank you ... @hrath2015 :)
Jul 09 2017 17:52

I'm getting access denied on a newly created route
and i've created a file "startup.js" where I added

import { Reaction, Hooks } from "/server/api";

Hooks.Events.add("afterCoreInit", () => {
    allShops: true,
    roleSets: ["defaultRoles", "defaultVisitorRole"],
    roles: ["multibanco-paymentmethod/multibancoDone"]

what i'm I missing?

Jul 09 2017 17:54
@v3yr0n can u please share u r register.js
Jul 09 2017 18:15
/* eslint camelcase: 0 */
import { Reaction } from "/server/api";

  label: "MultibancoPayment",
  name: "multibanco-paymentmethod",
  icon: "fa fa-credit-card-alt",
  autoEnable: true,
  settings: {
    mode: false,
    multibanco: {
      enabled: false,
      support: [
  registry: [
    // Settings panel
      label: "Multibanco", // this key (minus spaces) is used for translations
      provides: "paymentSettings",
      container: "dashboard",
      template: "multibancoSettings"

    // Payment form for checkout
      template: "multibancoPaymentForm",
      provides: "paymentMethod",
      icon: "fa fa-credit-card-alt"
      route: "/multibanco/done",
      template: "multibancoDone",
      workflow: "coreWorkflow"
@hrath2015 this one? :)
Max Robbins
Jul 09 2017 18:38
Anybody have drop shipping working with Ali Express
Currently I'm using a custom built scraper and Snipcart to fufill orders
Except electron shits itself on the Ali Express website
Might be a regression
Jul 09 2017 19:03
multibanco-paymentmethod/multibancoDone where is this register as a route? I am not able locate in your register.js.
Seunghun Sunmoon Lee
Jul 09 2017 21:07
Jul 09 2017 21:37

Hello people,

The product collection does not suit me as I would like, so I thought of two possible paths:

Create my own product collection or extend the current product collection so it can meet my expectations.

I tried to create my own product collection as follows:

I created a schema called MyProducts in the lib / collections / schemas directory

And I defined my collection in the lib / collections directory.

In the catalog.js file that is in the / server / methods directory I added the code below at line 698 inside if

Let myProduct = {
Title: "Product Test",
Description: "Description Test"

MyProduct.insert (myProduct);

However this did not create a new collection in my mongoDB. Do I need to do any other configuration?

What is the best way to extend an existing collection (Product) and how best to create a new collection?

Thank you

With this code when creating a standard reaction product, I hoped that a product would also be created in my new collection.
S Tunji Turner
Jul 09 2017 21:44
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.40.33 PM.png
In safari Version 10.1.1 (12603.2.4), the header for the tags breaks,
Jul 09 2017 22:24
@hrath2015 even if i add the multibanco-paymentmethod/multibancoDoneto my register.js file I get the same you have no permission message with the login form
i'm trying to access http://localhost:3000/printhub/multibanco/done or `http://localhost:3000/printhub/multibanco-paymentmethod/multibancoDone
Brent Hoover
Jul 09 2017 22:27
Are you doing a full reaction reset?
Adding permissions to default roles is not retroactive. Existing users will not get that permission