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Jul 2017
Jul 14 2017 14:29

Hey guys, is it possible to import the Alerts component on the server?

I need to display message of success or error according to the method exeução.

Gross Systems
Jul 14 2017 14:38
Can this generate invoices?
Mike Murray
Jul 14 2017 17:54

@danielpinna In the method on the server, you can throw new Meteor.Error("code", "message"), then on the client in the callback to the method call you can show an alert of error.

You cannot import the alerts component on the server, ( not sure what you mean by that )

Kenneth Beartusk
Jul 14 2017 18:05
@jshimko @zenweasel My Reaction deployment is running a bit too slow on a t2.large EC2 instance. I'm trying to diagnose why. I'm also using an mLab Sandbox MongoDB. Is the mLab Sandbox or EC2 instance limiting me here?
Jul 14 2017 18:21
mlab sandbox, make sure it is hosted near your ec2 instance or it will be slow @beartusk
Kenneth Beartusk
Jul 14 2017 18:35
Ok sounds good
Jul 14 2017 18:52

Oh cool, thank you.

I wanted to try to send the server error straight to the screen, I was thinking the wrong way.

The right is that way you, thank you.

Nick Baldwin
Jul 14 2017 21:57
Is there a branch started yet for dynamic module loading? I don't see it anywhere on the projects board.
Aaron Judd
Jul 14 2017 22:50
@nbaldwin not yet, but it’s on the short short list, and we’ve discussed internally, so I’ll go ahead and get an epic issue going to track
Nick Baldwin
Jul 14 2017 22:58
@aaronjudd Cool, thanks for the update