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Jul 2017
Jul 15 2017 03:42
how to use reaction-main-street-theme in rc
Jul 15 2017 07:26
please help me I am new to meteor
Brent Hoover
Jul 15 2017 07:32
I think that theme is still a work in progress
Jul 15 2017 07:37
ok thank you
Jul 15 2017 15:03
Hello, there is a problem with the return of the standard values of Shop Localization, Languages and Currencies after every Meteor server restarted. I think the problem is in the file "\server\startup\load-data.js". Reaction.Import.flush(Shops) - without checking the existence of the store in the database, overwrites the data from the file "\private\data\Shops.json". Help properly fix. Thank you.
Michael Duane Mooring
Jul 15 2017 18:25
I have a bunch of junk Products created during development. Is db.Products.drop() safe or should db.Products.remove( {} ) be used or neither?