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Jul 2017
Daniel Honig
Jul 18 2017 00:07
@aaronjudd good article. Great points and alot more could be said
Jul 18 2017 05:46

I tried in a fresh copy of reaction and after I copied my plugins, reset and run reaction again... I got this

05:40:29.836Z INFO Reaction: Load default data from /private/data/
05:40:30.964Z INFO Reaction: JobServer started
05:40:30.981Z WARN Reaction: Skipped loading settings from reaction.json.
05:40:32.112Z WARN Reaction: Error while importing to Products: Cannot update 'price.max' and 'price' at the same time
05:40:46.435Z INFO Reaction: Reaction Version: 1.4.0

Error: Match error: Failed Match.OneOf, Match.Maybe or Match.Optional validation
at exports.check (packages/check.js:56:15)
at _registerInventory (imports/plugins/included/inventory/server/methods/inventory.js:15:3)
at imports/plugins/included/inventory/server/startup/init.js:13:7
at server/api/hooks.js:54:14
at Array.reduce (native)
at (server/api/hooks.js:53:22)
at Object.init (server/api/core/core.js:49:18)
at server/startup/init.js:12:12
at server/startup/index.js:16:3
at server/main.js:7:3
at Function.time (/home/eduardo/reaction/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/profile.js:309:28)
at /home/eduardo/reaction/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:347:13
at /home/eduardo/reaction/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:388:5
at (/home/eduardo/reaction/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/profile.js:510:12)
at /home/eduardo/reaction/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:386:11
=> Exited with code: 1

Brent Hoover
Jul 18 2017 05:47
What data files are you using? The stock ones?
Jul 18 2017 15:33
Hi guys. I'm having issues following the tutorial here. I want to replace the default reaction commerce template with my custom one but do far it's not taking effect. Any help will be highly appreciated...
Jul 18 2017 15:36
Hi Brent. I changed to gitter reacction/pluggins I think that it would be more appropriate there.
Sophie He
Jul 18 2017 16:54
Hi all. Our live Q&A will be starting in about 5 minutes! This month, we are joined by special guest, @dhonig! Tune in here:
Jul 18 2017 16:55
@sophiehe Awesome. Can you please respond to my question?
Christopher Matuszak
Jul 18 2017 18:21
I am interested in creating the Bitcoin payment system. Currently I use coinbase for all of my transactions. Is there a preference as to the integration of the Bitcoin provider? Blockchain, coinbase, etc?
In addition I am adding Squareup as a payment processor as I have notice many little individual shops using them to take cards in person
Adi Chikara
Jul 18 2017 19:31
Multi-vendor seems to be on the future roadmap but is there some basic multi-vendor functionality that exists today?
Juras Norkus
Jul 18 2017 20:40
Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right place to ask for help but I'll try. I'm trying to set my layoutHeader using INDEX_OPTIONS but changing the values have no effect. The only property in INDEX_OPTIONS that is responding to my change is template.
Jul 18 2017 21:47

@zenweasel @spencern

Hello guys,

I added a new field to my product. After adding this new field, the reaction does not start anymore, it is displaying validation errors.

Error: Match error: Failed Match.OneOf, Match.Maybe or Match.Optional validation

Does anyone know where I need to set up the settings for my new field? The documentation does not address this need
[Customizing schema] (

If anyone can help, I'll be grateful !!