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Jul 2017
Aaron Judd
Jul 27 2017 00:31
why do you want to run it in the background?
Jul 27 2017 01:41
@naidu thank you, thought it can be installed from npm that's why it not worked. Now it's fixed. Thx for your help and your time.
Jul 27 2017 06:43
@zenweasel . i have my project running in reaction-1.3 trying to upgrade to reaction-1.4. not able to display the tags and subtags in the header. what are the equivalents to these templates
1.) {{> tagItem (tagProps tag)}}
2.) {{> tagTree (tagTreeProps tag)}} looks like these templates are converted into react components.
Jul 27 2017 09:03
reaction keys add ~/.ssh/ running this is giving me error saying Insufficient permissions I am running this on mac system.
any thoughts on this?
BTR Naidu
Jul 27 2017 09:51
@dhonig awaiting the sample code from you.
Fondation Gabriel
Jul 27 2017 17:52
Hello. Can I have a phone number of a sales person? Thanks
Jeremy Shimko
Jul 27 2017 17:55
@_rakesh87_twitter reaction keys add is a command used on the hosting platform. You need to have an account and be logged in for that. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish?
Fondation Gabriel
Jul 27 2017 18:42
Jul 27 2017 19:50
reactioncommerce in production website example
Jul 27 2017 20:45
Hello guys,
I'm doing Reaction deploy via Docker. I would like to know how much memory is recommended for the container of mongoDB and when is it recommended for the container of the Reaction application?
Jeremy Shimko
Jul 27 2017 22:23
You will need at least 1gb of RAM on the app server (just for Reaction). If you are building your images there, make that 4gb. Yes, that’s a lot more, but that’s because you’re now using the server as a development machine instead of just a production deployment destination. My recommendation is to build a Docker image on your local machine, push it to your Docker registry of choice (Docker Hub, etc.) and then deploy it to your server from there.
As for Mongo server requirements, that entirely depends on your use case. Mongo has some details on that in their FAQ. (but definitely Google it too because there are a lot of useful posts on that topic)
Jul 27 2017 22:27
I'm using Amazon service called Elastic Beanstalk, does it still need to use 4GB?
Jeremy Shimko
Jul 27 2017 22:40
you should have at least 4gb of RAM wherever you build the image
Jul 27 2017 22:41
OK thank you! ;)
Jeremy Shimko
Jul 27 2017 22:44
but since you don’t need 4gb to run the image, you can save your money and build the image somewhere other than where you deploy it
Jul 27 2017 22:57
Yes! Thanks