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Jul 2017
Jul 28 2017 05:02
I am having issue when upgrading my project to reaction-1.4. when i run the basic reaction and add tags(Gallery, > Subtags (Illusion series, zen garden etc) ,Products). i get the below output where in i can see the tags and their subtags) when i hover on the particular parent tag.
But when i run it through my custom plugin and hover on my parentTag (Gallery) i don't see the subtags
i am calling the template {{> CoreNavigationBar coreNavProps}} . i dont see any error in the console either.
can anyone guide me as to what i am missing
BTR Naidu
Jul 28 2017 13:02
hi friends, why the oauth redirect url for facebook and google are wrong? my domain in whereas the oauth redirect url is This is causing trouble in setting up the facebook and google sign in feature.
Jul 28 2017 19:19
Hi. Are there any recommendations on product image file size, aspect ratio for .jpg images. I find some images load on product page and some do not (white space blocks). Product detail is ok.
Jul 28 2017 19:37
Where is located the core template for search? I would like to replace it with my custom template.
Jul 28 2017 21:35
I already found it
Thanks anyway