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Jul 2017
Nick Baldwin
Jul 31 2017 16:25
What's the current best practice for organizing containers and components in plugins? I see some included plugins are putting everything inside client but some are top-level, such as product-variant (presumably for server-side rendering?) perhaps lib is a better place for them?
Daniel Pinna
Jul 31 2017 19:47
Hello guys, is there anything that makes paging results within Reaction? Currently my layout is using Blaze. Thank you!
Jul 31 2017 20:13
@zenweasel I'm having trouble with Admin logging in(it crashes) on a reaction instance, I'm not sure but I think it's related to the amount of products that were added, there's about 12,000 documents in the database and about 1,000 are products. Is there something I can do to make the admin page responsive again?
Jul 31 2017 20:41
@jshimko any ideas?
Spencer Norman
Jul 31 2017 21:02
@rhaix - it may be due to revision control. I just finished building a Shopify importer and it would freeze everything up if the products weren’t published
but I was able to add 7k products fairly quickly after that got sorted
Spencer Norman
Jul 31 2017 21:08

I don’t have time to dig in too deep, but you can checkout the source for the shopify importer here:

I also made a couple changes that haven’t been merged into dev yet that skip the revision control step for products and images that are being imported.

Those changes were made in the revisions plugin in the hooks.js file - you can see the changes here:

If it’s related to too many revisions that should help you.