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Sep 2017
Josh Cox
Sep 02 2017 03:53
@Bosek rereading that it says the Host key verification failed which is the error given when the host changes its keys and your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file has the old entry. To test the ssh subsystem directly ssh which will return something like
PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Hi githubuser! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. Connection to closed.
Oluwatobi Omotayo
Sep 02 2017 23:11

Hello guys! I was following this docs here - Reaction Docs - Routes - don't seem to understand this paragraph:

"To allow users to our new Route we need to give them permissions. Since we are good with everyone viewing our About page we will add this permission to our “defaultRoles” and “defaultVisitorRoles” (the roles available when a new user is created). To do this we are going to create a new file called init.js in the server directory there and add that file to our imports."

I want to know where exactly i'm supposed to create the file