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Sep 2017
shahid belal
Sep 04 2017 05:50
how can i show SKU for product varients?
Sep 04 2017 08:07
How Reaction is able to deal with the issue mentioned on this forum?
Sep 04 2017 12:31
hello, i would like to ask you where i can find a developer of reaction commerce to explain my start up project and collaborate if thats possible ?
Loan Laux
Sep 04 2017 12:32
Hi @vathilakis, I'd be happy to hear more about your project! Shoot me an email:
Sep 04 2017 12:50
@loanlaux i will mail you
Sep 04 2017 22:23
Hi, could anyone give me some pointers? I'm trying to include in current marketplace. It says that it's not compatible with RC 1.4+, so I'm trying to figure out how to fix that incompatibility. When i run rc, i get an error saying Error: No such template: CoreNavigationBar
Brent Hoover
Sep 04 2017 22:27
In 1.4 and forward a lot of the templates are being removed and replaced with React components. So you will want to replace components rather than templates
Sep 04 2017 22:28
I see, thanks for pointing out the direction