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Sep 2017
Sep 08 2017 02:50
question: how do I add a modal page to reaction? Is there a tutorial? I need a modal page for new users to create accounts or sign up for the newsletter.
shahid belal
Sep 08 2017 06:59
please advide me I am getting this error when try to deploy
ERROR: Mongo not installed inside the container.
Rebuild with INSTALL_MONGO=true or supply a MONGO_URL environment variable
Son Tran
Sep 08 2017 07:15
Hi, any bro can help me pls?
Sep 08 2017 16:58
Is it normal for reaction-cli to need 5-10 minutes to startup local server when running reaction command?
Akarshit Wal
Sep 08 2017 17:13
@patmir Yes I had to wait for like >5 minutes when starting the server locally for the first time.
Spencer Norman
Sep 08 2017 17:36
hi @Akarshit the development branch does not exist any more, which is what that /development part of that URL is referring to. Try checking out for our current feature branch or for our latest stable release
Sep 08 2017 18:31
@Akarshit It's not for the first time, but each and everytime. Refreshing and Restarting also takes considerable amount of time
Daniel Honig
Sep 08 2017 19:45
@spencern just caught up with the community call. We had started gathering requirements for a subscription billing plugin
so I'm happy to lead that now that you guys took over the wishlist plugin :)
Daniel Honig
Sep 08 2017 20:06
The subscription billing would take advantage of the job control library which looks like a tremendous piece of work in itself, so I'd love to play with that more
MIchael Solomon
Sep 08 2017 20:18
hey all
I'm new with reaction and trying to deploy my first project, I installed meteor and windows build tools as mentioned in requirements but when I'm running: reaction init I get some errors, here is the log
Spencer Norman
Sep 08 2017 22:43
Hey @dhonig,
Sep 08 2017 22:45
Hi i have one answer how i use reactioncommerce as back end?
Spencer Norman
Sep 08 2017 22:46
Would love to have you lead an effort to build a subscription products plug-in. Seems like there's a lot of desire for that feature, so you may be able to recruit some help from some of the others here who have expressed interest in that.
Daniel Honig
Sep 08 2017 23:32
Cool. I have an outline already for it and ill get something going next week