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Sep 2017
shahid belal
Sep 12 2017 05:08
how can i deploy reaction commerce on linux server without using docker?
Josh Cox
Sep 12 2017 13:37
@ConnectBelal_twitter the base docker image in itself documents how to setup a linux server to serve reaction commerce, you can view it here. However, I would think you would need a deeper understanding of meteor first which is pretty well documented here, or more nodejs centric on Digital Ocean here and on AWS here
Janus Reith
Sep 12 2017 16:16
did anyone else notice that the print Invoice Page is not translated properly?
The only part translated is the last line: Thank you for your order.
The other parts, like those under cartSubTotals are not translated, although the the strings are present in the db and in the core i18n files
Spencer Norman
Sep 12 2017 17:34
@janus-reith that sounds like a bug, would you be willing to file an issue for it?
Janus Reith
Sep 12 2017 17:35
@spencern Did you try aswell and could confirm the issue?
Spencer Norman
Sep 12 2017 17:36
i’m about to confirm, but looked at the code and it seems to be missing some i18n elements
Janus Reith
Sep 12 2017 17:37
Well they are not present in server i18n folder of /core/orders, but the strings are located in /private/data/i18n.
Both cartCompleted.summaryMessage and and e.g. cartSubTotals.subtotal.
Spencer Norman
Sep 12 2017 17:37
I didn’t see anything in the print invoice template either, but that’s what I’m looking toconfirm
Janus Reith
Sep 12 2017 17:39
While cartCompleted.summaryMessage gets loaded properly(in /plugins/orders/[...]/pdf.html), the cartSubtotals strings are ignored somehow
Both are defined in /private/data/i18n/de.json, and loaded into the db properly, checked with robomongo
Im on 1.4.1 branch btw
Spencer Norman
Sep 12 2017 17:41
Confirmed that the same thing is happening in marketplace
Janus Reith
Sep 12 2017 17:41
Just noticed the same issue is present for some strings in OrderList container, e.g. date
I just don't get the cause of the issue, as the strings are all defined in the same file, but somehow won't load
see the example of cartCompleted.summaryMessage and cartSubTotals.subtotal in /imports/plugins/core/orders/templates/pdf.html
Forget about the OrderList part, the strings here are hardcoded appareantly - a seperate issue aswell
Spencer Norman
Sep 12 2017 17:54
Yeah, open an issue for it. It seems like there’s an issue rendering i18n text inside of a {{with}} block or something. If you render the exact same span with i18n outside of that block (such as after the “Thank you for your order” div) it translates fine.
Also if you change your language while you’ve got the print invoice open in another tab, it renders the languages correctly.
but after a refresh, they are incorrect again
Sep 12 2017 18:00
Hey All. I wonder if you could point me towards a solution here . I'm running a vagrant VM with windows host, sharing the folder with RC code to the vm. The build and refresh times of meteor are painfully long (around 5-6 minutes for simple refresh, up to 20 minutes for startup). However, if I copy the shared directory to somewhere else within the VM, with no symlinks, app builds and refreshes almost instantly.
Akarshit Wal
Sep 12 2017 18:41
I had a doubt.
^ Why are we making a JSON ourselves and then parsing it?
Sunil Jhamnani
Sep 12 2017 19:26
I have a very small query. Can we use mysql in place of mongodb with reaction?
Have to reply back to my client so please if anyone is available let me know
Sep 12 2017 20:58
I'm unable to get this part of the tutorial working ( When I setup the plugin it breaks the app (as it's supposed to do) but following the steps doesn't fix it and it's unclear what to do after the tutorials mentions that it's going to copy from from product-variant and you should create your own templates. Has anyone succesfully gotten through this tutorial?
@born_to_code__twitter The only way I can think of would be to use Apollo/GraphQL but that's another beast entirely.
Brent Hoover
Sep 12 2017 21:49
@born_to_code__twitter Basiaclly the answer is “no”. It’s possible but would require basically rewriting the app.