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Sep 2017
Aaron Judd
Sep 15 2017 01:19
@joshuacox lol, my bad, I think I saw some comments you made about it or something.. I’m constantly following all these threads in the back of my mind…
Josh Cox
Sep 15 2017 01:23
@aaronjudd lol, no worries. On a plus note I got a T-shirt in today! And some stickers
Sep 15 2017 13:17
Hi reaction team, I'm trying to add products to my website. but after I added and published my new product, it won't show up on the shop page. I have no idea why... I'm able to navigate to the product detail page by entering the url, which means the product is there. Please help!
here is a screenshot of my shop:
Screenshot from 2017-09-15 09-18-33.png
Sep 15 2017 13:22
I have added my new product: 3.5mm aux cable, but it won't show up on this page. It shows up when I search it.
Screenshot from 2017-09-15 09-23-12.png
Sep 15 2017 16:52
@ChenfengLiu Did you accidentally mark the Private button? It's the :eyes: icon next to Publish.
Sep 15 2017 17:31
@machikoyasuda I just clean installed reaction to a new directory. I added a new product (named it "cable") and I got this error when I click on the Private button on the shop page
Screenshot from 2017-09-15 13-32-03.png
I marked the new product public before I published it. but it didn't show up...
Sep 15 2017 18:34
I restarted reaction and the product showed up... I have no idea why... lol
Thank you for your response though @machikoyasuda
Sep 15 2017 20:36
How do you create a form with Reaction Commerce? I'm pretty good with Meteor so I know I can use Autoform but is that the recommended way of doing so in Reaction? I'm building a "Wishlist" plugin but getting confused by what's going on in Reaction at the moment.
Patrick Tavares
Sep 15 2017 21:04
@Berato, I cannot (yet) speak from experience, but the way I plan to build my forms is using Autoform with React components. Unfortunately, I'm not sure any of the forms within Reaction have been converted from Blaze yet
so there are few examples to pull from
Sep 15 2017 21:24
Oh, a wishlist component! @Berato - I know @dhonig and @allison from Boomer Digital were working on a Wishlist component too:
Sep 15 2017 22:03
@patrick-tavares That's what it looked like to me as well! I'm hoping to make a form and integrate it with the core system but I'm so tempted to just do things the way I know how in Meteor!
@machikoyasuda I'll definitely check this out! I'm still very confused about the way RC is using React w/ Blaze. I prefer to use one or the other personally! Hopefully looking at an already built plugin will give me an idea of how to set mine up.
@machikoyasuda Any other community plugins you know of please send them my way! I'm very new to RC and looking for examples!
Sep 15 2017 22:33
Here are some more community plugins: reactioncommerce/reaction-docs#234