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Sep 2017
Fatah N
Sep 17 2017 14:03
who has been successful in deploying RC to digitalocean or openshift. I need your help
Akarshit Wal
Sep 17 2017 17:40
I am trying to run marketplace branch but am getting this exception in the console.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'language' of undefined
    at app.js:110134
    at Tracker.Computation._compute (tracker.js:339)
    at Tracker.Computation._recompute (tracker.js:358)
    at Object.Tracker._runFlush (tracker.js:532)
    at onGlobalMessage (meteor.js:398)
Sep 17 2017 18:39
Hi guys, has anyone seen an issue when created a product with an image uploaded, this image is not displayed on the main screen?
Sep 17 2017 20:42
@spestushko yeah, I have. Also, I can only add images to subvariants (on marketplace branch), and not variants
Ryan Lewis
Sep 17 2017 21:01
I too am having the same image issue
Ryan Lewis
Sep 17 2017 21:21
also, how on earth do i completely delete a product?
Sep 17 2017 23:56
You can only archive from the front end, i think you can only delete if you do it manually in mongo