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Sep 2017
Pamith B
Sep 28 2017 05:38
Installation docs page doesn't open it's still loading.Is there me
Mårten Pettersson
Sep 28 2017 07:52
Is it possible to use sass instead of less?
Sep 28 2017 08:31
Did anybody knows how can I use react components in templates? for example header.html
Mårten Pettersson
Sep 28 2017 08:51
How do you get started with Reaction? The docs aren't really helping me.
Sep 28 2017 09:17
I'm thinking to leave behind the reaction for now. Its really bad documented and the architecture of react/blaze view components and templates are ugly!. And the worse part is the time of refreshing and development cycle. Maybe it's the main reason for my goodbye!. It seems this platform is nice for who just need a little customization and kick start his eCommerce site without much more features. But for who needs a lot of plugins and features like me, the build time is just equals development time =))
So I will continue my project directly on Meteor
Gradlon von Känel
Sep 28 2017 15:34
I am starting a new Shop Project, and I want to use Reaction, however I need one Function "Custom Text Inputfield" on the Product detail Page.
Is there a way to achive this?
Josh Cox
Sep 28 2017 15:40
@Pamith there are many pages that seem to be broken in various branches, I try to stick to master you can pick the branch using the chooser widget up top next to the search field.
@Gradlon and @mtnptrsn have you guys looked at the customization guide? Specifically I think this section is what @Gradlon is looking for?
Gradlon von Känel
Sep 28 2017 16:34
@joshuacox Yes i Tried this before asking but somehow got stuck along the way. I will try Again tomorrow.
Janus Reith
Sep 28 2017 16:43
To be honest I think that this
Linked doc about Customizing Templates is not that mich of still need to dig into a lot of code
Gradlon von Känel
Sep 28 2017 17:07
@janus-reith this is what i thought it would be, so i am considering other sulutions. Realy sad i would love to use reaction commerce for this, but that is a deal breaker and i don't have that much time to dig into the code right now.
Janus Reith
Sep 28 2017 18:04
@Gradlon well did you take a look at the other channel? I gave a more detailed answer there which steps would ne necessary
But yeah i get your point
Hey @spencern , how far is the 1.5 Branch? Did i get it right, that 1.5 and marketplace will be even on release?
Santiago Botta
Sep 28 2017 20:28
Does anybody know if the Shopify connector in the marketplace branch supports images? I'm trying to import an initial set of images to my products and I can't really seem to find a way to insert data to the CollectionFS stores.
Spencer Norman
Sep 28 2017 22:15
The Shopify connector should import images
@janus-reith we’ve been making great progress on the 1.5 release, but I can’t give a firm date for release other than "when it’s done”, I’m hoping early next week at this point.
You are correct that once it is released the marketplace branch will be even with master
and we will be removing the marketplace branch which was always meant to serve as a feature branch
Sep 28 2017 22:48
@Pamith Hi - sorry about that. Try this URL:
@papmodern The best tutorial for the updated Reaction Components API would be here: -- the example starts with adding a CustomNavBar component that yo ucan put into your custom plugin