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Sep 2017
Josh Cox
Sep 30 2017 00:06
@zrisher I think at the customers and transactions level wouldn't you just use mongodump? The fixtures might interest you, if you are looking to insert stock data etc
Spencer Norman
Sep 30 2017 01:37
@ashishgokhale Meteor.publish is a method that sets up a data publication to the client and doesn’t have anything to do with overriding an existing method. Your best bet in terms of overriding an existing method would be to use a before method hook
You can read about those here
Sep 30 2017 05:48
Thanks @spencern, One thing I am still facing, update still calling product after update hook which checks for permission, and give error. My simple motive it to update a product's some details, is there any way so I can temporarily set admin permission for the update call, means I want to set temporary session, is it possible?
Sep 30 2017 14:55
Per docs, port 3000 is the default exposed for Reaction. Can this easily be changed to 80 within Reaction to avoid mapping at the container / host boundary (i.e docker run ...-p3000:80...)?
Brian Kilrain
Sep 30 2017 22:40
Hey all - I'm trying to run reaction build <myCustomImage> and get FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory
I've tried on my wheezy macbook air and also on a t2.medium ec2 instance with the same result
Brian Kilrain
Sep 30 2017 22:53
seems to be very similar to what @joshuacox is experiencing