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Oct 2017
Oct 07 2017 11:24
Using shippo plugin, does it support having free shipping after X amount, or is that something I would need to develop (I am new to the project and gitter, so sorry if the wrong channel)
Janus Reith
Oct 07 2017 17:48
Did anyone implement a initial loading spinner yet? The blank page really bugs me, and will probably lower conversion rate a lot
People could think its broken and close it
Oct 07 2017 20:15
What up good people! I totally agree with Janus - although I WAS hoping the super long initial page load time, was simply because of me running a development build (is it not?)
Btw, whenever I spin up reaction for development on my Windows machine, I get CRAZY CPU and RAM consumption in a "Node.js server" process
What's up with that? It's actually a HUGE issue for me, as everything is slowed down to the point of unusuability because of 100% CPU workload.
Josh Cox
Oct 07 2017 21:54
+1 for initial loading spinner. bonus points for loading the basic page elements as well (background, header, footer, etc)