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Oct 2017
Oct 10 2017 06:22
I am getting this error when i try to install reaction "FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory"
Oct 10 2017 12:47
@zenweasel how can I customize a template which is inside client/modules/
Santiago Botta
Oct 10 2017 12:52
Maybe try adding the TOOL_NODE_FLAGS="--max-old-space-size=4096" before the reaction test command
@shahid05688708_twitter did you try this?
Daniel Honig
Oct 10 2017 16:06
So using react components in a plugin is really easy. However its really easy to shoot yourself in the foot and make a silly mistake with imports, exports, etc that can cost you hours staring at the browser console wondering why your component is undefined. If anyone is interested in a little guide to the basics here then I can write something up
Oct 10 2017 17:45
@dhonig I'm all ears!
Daniel Honig
Oct 10 2017 18:38
I'll do a quick write up
and shoot it your way @machikoyasuda
Josh Cox
Oct 10 2017 20:15
@dhonig +1
Daniel Honig
Oct 10 2017 20:15
Cool will do this week
So anyone encounter a problem with admin login?
Just freezes, doesn't respond, can navigate away to other site areas
no error messages on server or in console
Josh Cox
Oct 10 2017 20:17
I've seen some freezing and similar behavior in the 'edit mode', not sure if its related or possible internet lag etc
anyone seen disappearing elements in a samsung browser (default on galaxy)? I've got a user who doesn't see the prices, which is kind of important on e-commerce sites