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Oct 2017
Daniel Honig
Oct 11 2017 02:45
@joshuacox Re-installing the NPM dependencies and/or a rain dance seems to have resolved the issue.
Oct 11 2017 02:47
Is reaction build also for developing the app or just for deploying?
Brent Hoover
Oct 11 2017 02:48
Only for deploying
Daniel Honig
Oct 11 2017 02:48
but then again so is docker build, if you think about it :)
Oct 11 2017 03:07
oh yeah
Josh Cox
Oct 11 2017 04:08
@Jentoday reaction build is going away, and docker build is the new recommendation reactioncommerce/reaction-cli@e90df49
Dan Kozlowski
Oct 11 2017 15:41
is there any better sample data out there, all i see is 1 product with the default load
Sophie He
Oct 11 2017 15:54
Just a reminder that our hackabugathon is underway, so if you submit a pull request, you'll receive free swag. Here's a great pull request to check out: reactioncommerce/reaction#2381
You can explore the rest under the pull-requests-encouraged label: